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Applications of laser in different industries


Applications of laser:

Lasers are also used in a wide range of applications in the medical field. Often these relate to the external parts of the human body that are easily accessible to light; Examples are eye surgery and vision correction (LASIK), dentistry, dermatology (such as photodynamic therapy of cancer), and a variety of cosmetic treatments such as tattoo removal and hair removal. Application of lasers is also done in many surgeries (e.g. of the prostate) exploit the possibility of cutting tissues while causing minimal bleeding, There are some operations that can be done with the help of endoscopic which means; an endoscopy may consist of an optical fiber in order to deliver light to the operation scene and another fiber for the purpose of imaging, apart from additional channels for mechanical instruments.

Applications of laser in different industries

There are very different types of lasers available in the market which are used for medical applications, depending on the optical wavelength, pulse format, output power, etc. In many cases, laser wavelengths are chosen such that certain substances (such as pigment in tattoos or caries in teeth) absorb light more strongly than surrounding tissue so that they can be targeted more precisely. The use of medical lasers is not only fixed to the therapy. There are some lases which are used to assist the diagnosis, e.g. via methods of ocular imaging, laser spectroscopy, or laser microscopy. The concept of optical laser optics perfectly give us the answere of question what is optical window and understand the concept of optimal lens chief ray angle.

Applications of laser in different industries


Lasers are widely used in optical metrology, e.g. for extremely precise position measurement and optical surface profiling with an interferometer, for long-range range finding and navigation. Laser scanners are basically scanning the direction of laser beams, which can read e.g. codes or other graphics over some distance. It is quite possible to scan the three-dimensional objects e.g. in the reference of crime scene investigation (CSI).

Optical sampling is a type of technique that is applied for the characterization of fast electronic microcircuits, terahertz science, microwave photonics, etc. Lasers also allow for extremely precise time measurements and are therefore essential components of optical clocks that are beginning to outperform the currently used cesium atomic clocks.

Fiber-optic sensors, often examined with laser light, is allowed for the distributed measurement of stress, temperature, and other quantities e.g. in wings of airplanes and oil pipelines.





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